Books in the Dragongrove series, listed in order of newest to oldest:

Dragongrove Book IV

Dark Dragon’s Desire
(Book 4 in the Dragongrove series)

It isn’t hard for Mira to feel captivated by Tarquin.

It isn’t hard for her to tremble from his hot touch.

What is hard is getting anything more from him.

Because in this bizarre new world full of dragon shifters, with the ridiculous importance that everyone puts on finding their mate, he already has one – and she’s dead.

Dragongrove Book III

The Dragon Mate’s Awakening
(Book 3 in the Dragongrove series)

As Maggie recovers from the plague, standing over her bed is an impossibly sexy man who has been tasked with taking her back home. When he shares just what he is, and who she is to him, she makes a decision that she knows she’ll regret.

Dragongrove Book II

Dragongrove: Becoming the Dragon Queen
(Book 2 in the Dragongrove series)

Forced to leave her home behind, Ingrid finds herself swept away by Helias as he joins his brothers to fight for his kingdom and take back his crown. Ingrid is determined to stay by his side, but how can she survive in a war-torn land full of fire breathing monsters?

Dragongrove Book I

Dragongrove: Mated to the Dragon King
(Book 1 in the Dragongrove series)

Ingrid has spent her life and fortune providing refuge from the plague, but when a sexy dragon-shifting man shows up, can she fight her attraction to him?